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As one 49-year-old woman who continued to see her date long after the column was published put it: ‘He is not the sort of man that I would normally date, but he’s exactly the sort of man I’d like to end up with.

It seems that while young men run away from commitment, the older they get, the more men value the security of a relationship.Tax Write-Off: Home Office Home office deductions used to be a big red flag for an audit back in the 1990s.These days, you just need to use the deduction with caution. "Anything that's unusual and disproportionate to your level of income is something the IRS will check out," Alvin Brown says.I wanted to paint the town red on our date, but as soon as the film finished he was off home to bed.’With so many problems thrown in the path of true love, it’s perhaps a wonder that any of our couples clicked, but for those who did hit it off there was one overriding reason that came up time and again.Because the dates were blind people were forced to meet someone from outside their social circle.The problem is the longer you are single and the more heartbreak you have endured, the easier it is to get set in your ways and draw up an impossibly demanding wish list. Love blossomed for one couple as they got battered and bruised trying their hand at indoor surfing. Rather than send our couples on a single blind date, they went on three, and I cannot count the number of times our daters said it gave them the chance to find out how they really felt about each other.

The lesson the successful couples learned was to give their date a chance and they were rewarded by meeting someone genuinely special. But the man whose fear of heights stopped him going on the London Eye kissed goodbye to any chance of romance. Snap judgments are at the root of many a ruined relationship.Tax Write-Off: Cell Phone Bill If you use a cell phone as part of your business, this could be a big deduction for you.So don't make the mistake of mixing business with pleasure by sneaking too many personal calls onto your cell phone bill.Sometimes it was hard to even schedule in a date because their calendars were so full.Such women aren’t looking for a man to complete them; instead, any potential partner would have to be interesting enough to distract them from their busy lives.Every couple were asked to choose their ideal date based on looks.