Amber marshall and graham wardle dating in real life

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Then Amber's TV father, Chris Potter, had his chance to toast the bride and groom as the close-knit cast joined in wishing them well.As cameras are already rolling on the latest season of , Amber and Shawn have put honeymoon plans on hold.

A freelance journalist would sit down with Jude Law and open with a lengthy paragraph about him being thirty minutes late and sporting a beanie. I used to watch red-carpet interviews before awards shows and watch as a microphone gets put in the fresh face of a rising new star while she answers the important question of who lent her the heavy necklace she was wearing and if she was had eaten anything that day. I used to read online interviews with TV stars as a blogger asks questions about crazy on-set pranks and requests for juicy spoilers. It’s really cool that technology has now provided the opportunity to do this. The benefit to letting people behind the scenes is huge. It’s almost like that first season of Beverly Hills, 90210 and there were promos about someone on the show dying. He now has an appreciation for it because he learned HOW to listen to it. Graham:  He played this classical music song and told you HOW to listen to it and put it in context and it was amazing and I was blown away and it gave me great insight into a lot of things in life, not just music, but, like if you aren’t in the right headspace  you totally miss it. "Some people wore jeans and boots, full western attire," she says."I wanted everyone to be casual and have fun."Dancing with the less human members of their family Amber created a play list that made her guests glad they could hit the floor in comfort - but first she and her husband shared their first dance to Garrett Hedlund's "Timing is Everything." When it came time for speeches, each of their fathers as horse whisperer Amy Fleming, but 25-year-old Amber Marshall tied the knot before her character on the popular family-oriented CBC drama, marrying her boyfriend of three years, photographer Shawn Turner, 26.cast and crew - gathered at the couple's ranch near High River, Alberta, for a romantic ceremony and reception.An autograph signing is really just…”oh hey, what’s your name? Amber: We’re just everyday people () It’s great to break that barrier and view us as more than just our characters. I remember so vividly how on the school bus home that day it was ALL we could talk about. We guessed all sorts of different scenarios and were so scared we were losing Dylan Mc Kay Amber: It creates this huge buzz.

Me: Speaking of characters and your Facebook page…according to it, fans are all abuzz about someone dying on the show. "We were our own wedding planners, and it wasn't stressful for me," says the native of London, Ontario.With supportive loved ones willing to pitch in, the big day was filled with personal touches, like the altar, which was hand-crafted by Shawn himself.Graham Wardle (born September 6, 1986) is a Canadian actor, film-maker and photographer,.Wardle at a CBC Live event, Sherway Gardens, Toronto. Q: Graham, you are stranded on a deserted island with Amber.. I basically opened the floor and said I would answer questions. We also discussed Hilary Duff’s pregnancy and i Carly and how I have the same hoodie as someone on Hanna Montana and then Graham told us a joke about how instead of telling someone to grow some balls—which are sensitive and soft—people should really be telling people to grow vaginas, as they sure take a beating. Before I knew how it use it, I was full of happy accidents. They are opening up to the idea of using a different kind of media to spread their message. And by hosting things like roundtables at conferences like Blissdom Canada, they are learning HOW to use me bigger, how to use me better.