Blogspot rss feed not updating

27-Jun-2015 16:46 by 8 Comments

Blogspot rss feed not updating

For most content creators who had built a healthy subscriber base via RSS, this came as a bit of a shock.

Either one will do if you’re starting out – as I say there are many others to choose from but Feedly is fairly easy to use and will help you work out the basics of RSS. As you subscribe to feeds you’ll see that unread entries from the sites you’re tracking will be marked as bold.Yes, you could create folders based on topics and categories, but if you subscribed to a lot of blogs, even that minimal filtering option soon became overrun and clunky.As content moved into a cleaner, richer experience – both on the web and (increasingly) on mobile – RSS feeds and the way they’re curated became less attractive.If you want quality traffic and trust in your content, RSS is not going to get you it. There are multiple benefits to this: Content is changing. Email, on the other hand – you have these eyeballs, and they’ve chosen you over the competition already.Okay, it’s a play on words for what RSS actually stands for (Really Simple Syndication), but for me personally so-over-it would be a better choice of words. Now might just be the time you consider dumping that good old blog RSS feed for good or, at the very least, stop promoting it as an option to subscribe (you’ll see that I only offer email subscriptions in the box below this post).Back in 2010, I published a blog post about the choices bloggers gave when it came to how readers consumed their content.

The gist of the post was simple: should it be via RSS, or email?I realize, of course, that I may be missing out on some good reads; but the blogger is missing me as a subscriber. Even back then, both bloggers and readers were seeing the value of email, and (perhaps) the diminishing return of RSS.The thing is, though, it didn’t seem to matter – Google Reader was king and RSS feeds were the currency of any blog worth its salt. In March 2013, Google announced it was closing down its Reader service.It doesn’t matter what job you’re in, or what social media channel you prefer over the other, or what smartphone you use – the one thing we all have in common is email. Whether it’s getting notifications about a friend’s update on Facebook, or confirming tickets, or replying to a question that can’t wait until you get to the office, our email inbox is still the most-used direct communication tool we use. Worse still, the bounce rate is atrocious – RSS readers are simply reading the article and leaving my site (when/if they actually visit).It’s one of the reasons I switched my commenting solution (and soon-to-be subscription solution) to Postmatic. While I’ve never really used my blog as a lead generator (so I’m not particularly bothered about bounce), for any content creator looking to use their blog as a business creator, that bounce rate would be a major stumbling block.At first I found it a little strange to make the change from bookmarking to RSS but I found that when I started that I just couldn’t stop.

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